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Caryn's Magic Towne Book Cover - R H Politz

A Christmas adventure for everyone who enjoys a thrilling suspenseful holiday tale.

Can two fishermen rescue the Queen's children and save Christmas?


Caryn's Magic Towne
A Story for the whole Family to Enjoy - Rated "E" for Everyone

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George and Ollie just want to see the Christmas lights and enjoy the town's festivities but their holiday trip soon turns into a journey of danger, deceit and mystery.

The Queen's daughters have been kidnapped and they have to help get them back. When they try to rescue the Princesses, certain "friends" turn out to be not as they appear and their sinister agenda will put many lives at risk. Can two simple fishermen survive such a well planned coup?

There's much more at stake than just a holiday celebration. They know that if the insurgents take power, life in Caryn's Magic Towne will never be the same again. It's a dire situation indeed but ingenuity, a surprise ally and a lot of luck just might save them.

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