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Caryn's Magic Towne by R H Politz

Rated "E" for Everyone

When George and Ollie try to rescue the Queen's kidnapped Daughters, certain friends turn out to be not as they appear and their sinister agenda will put many lives at risk. Can two common fishermen survive such a well planned coup? Read more at Amazon

After 2012 by R H Politz - A paranormal adventure novel

Shape-shifters, ghosts, underground tunnels and dark towers make this heartwarming adventure entertaining for fans of magic, suspense and mystery.

Read Inside the Book at: AMAZON -or- BARNES & NOBLE -or- SMASHWORDS

Golf jokes by Willie

Jokes and humor for and about golf and the characters who play it. Some old, some new, some borrowed and some quite true.

eBook - $0.99

Read Inside the Book at: AMAZON-or- SMASHWORDS


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